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Birthday Cake Cocktail Recipes

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Ingredients. 3/4 oz Vodka. 3/4 oz Frangelico Liqueur. Fresh Lemon Wedge. Tsp. Sugar. 7 de ago de 2018 – Begin by rimming your shot glasses with frosting; then dip them into the sprinkles to coat. Set aside. In a cocktail shaker with ice, add the white chocolate liqueur, whipped vodka, […]

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Birthday Cake Flavored Vodka

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This is a unique full cake flavor experience not just notes of sugar and vanilla. . Iced Cake. ICED BIRTHDAY CAKE with SMIRNOFF® ICED CAKE . Host happy hour at home. Find the latest dessert cocktail recipes featuring Pinnacle® Flavored Vodka – and discover a new favorite, Pinnacle® Birthday Cake. PINNACLE®CAKE […]

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